Jul 24, 2009

Web Mining

The WWW has revolutionize the way in which people interact, carry out their works and gather information. It has proved itself to be a useful interface for its users to carry out such activities with ease. With hundreds of millions of people around the world using it a huge pile of data are collected everyday. These data carries interesting insights on the way people interact with it. Web Mining is the process of using various data mining techniques to analyze and discover patterns from the data.


Lovely Singh said...

Web mining is the extraction of information from world wide web.It involves weblink structure, webpage content,and the user access pattern.

benslin kard said...

The data stored in the data warehouse database is arranged in hierarchical groups, which are accessible by the user through the access layer.
Data Warehousing Solutions.

Website said...

Nice blog,thanks for sharing the nice information.World wide web is the great platform which many people interact with them.Around the thousands of data are collected everyday.So the every data mining save them is most important.

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