Jul 1, 2012

Challenges of Big Data

According to a study we produce around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. We can no longer use the existing database management tools on such rapidly growing data. We will experience difficulties to capture, store, search, share, analyze and visualize data. Managing large volume and rapidly increasing database is a challenging issue and cannot be anymore mitigated with faster processors. The volume of data is exceeding the processing capacity. Moreover, the algorithms necessary to process the data are much more complex than usual ones making analysis on big data very complicated.
Some scenarios require analysis of data to be presented immediately. For example: fraudulent credit card transaction should be flagged before a transaction even occurs. The larger the data set to be processed the longer it will take to analyze. How we can capture the most important data as it happens? How quickly does the data move across the enterprise when you need to make a decision and deliver that to the right people in real-time?
Big data when it comes in an unstructured format, such as text or video. Machines or algorithms expect homogenous data and so require data to be prepared before analysis. To apply appropriate filters that can reduce the size of raw data and at the same time ensures the availability of necessary data. Even after initial data cleaning some errors and incompleteness may exist in the data which must be handled during data analysis.


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