Oct 31, 2008

Steps of Data Mining

There are various steps that are involved in mining data as shown in the picture.
  1. Data Integration: First of all the data are collected and integrated from all the different sources.
  2. Data Selection: We may not all the data we have collected in the first step. So in this step we select only those data which we think useful for data mining.
  3. Data Cleaning: The data we have collected are not clean and may contain errors, missing values, noisy or inconsistent data. So we need to apply different techniques to get rid of such anomalies.
  4. Data Transformation: The data even after cleaning are not ready for mining as we need to transform them into forms appropriate for mining. The techniques used to accomplish this are smoothing, aggregation, normalization etc.
  5. Data Mining: Now we are ready to apply data mining techniques on the data to discover the interesting patterns. Techniques like clustering and association analysis are among the many different techniques used for data mining.
  6. Pattern Evaluation and Knowledge Presentation: This step involves visualization, transformation, removing redundant patterns etc from the patterns we generated.
  7. Decisions / Use of Discovered Knowledge: This step helps user to make use of the knowledge acquired to take better decisions.


PaweĊ‚ said...

I think that you should use "Steps of Knowledge discovery" rather than Data Mining.

harika said...

those are knowledge display from database methods.datamining contains 5 steps only

harika said...

the 5 data mining stepes are
1.data cleaning:removing of noisy and inconsistent data.
2.data integration:combining multiple databases.
3.data selection:collecting the relevent data from database.
4.data transformation:after collecting the relevent data transformed data into data mining.
5.data mining:finding of useful data from database.

Anonymous said...

I think that you forgot the first one: getting to know the business problem. If you don't do this thorougly the other steps will be a waste of time.
Take a look at http://bit.ly/rjTFoT for further elaboration.

munna j said...

harika your explanation in very good

Tehmoor Badini said...

Assalam walekum !

You explained this in a very easy method but these are the steps of KDD (knowledge Discovery)